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Terms of trades

If you do trading based on our trading views,we would like to thank you for your faith in us.There is one thing,that we would like to point out which will increase your access in our predictions.Those are the basic rules,which we follow in trading.

Macroeconomical news

If you want to trade our trading views and increase their Access,we recommend to follow macroeconomical calendar,which is available on our website.Unfortunately these macroeconomical views have great impact on what happens on forex and stock markets.The annoucement of macroeconomical news increases the volatily and the big players such as banks and funds,which have so much money and can control the market, enter the market.30 minutes efore the news are released we recommend to cancel all trading orders and wait to see what course the market will take.If you are on the platform,you can enter it even during the announcement,but wit a small risk and big caution.It is nesessary to respond quickly to the situation.


We have the trading view on USDJPY,the market is 30 pips away from our level,where we would like to buy.The first thing,that we are concernd about is wheter or not there is some important news or announcement on that day.We check the forex calendar/you can do that on our website.If we can see there is no announcement or news which concerns currency USD or JPY on that day,we can expect normal behavior of the market and the level should respond.But if can see,there is announcement or news,try to prevent loss with them,that you will stop all orders or trade only carefully.

The other problem that can occure is when you set your limit orders and these orders will not lunch on that day.And that is why we recommend to follow forex calendar.Once you see that the important annoucement is near and you have your limit order set for the currency,which the announcement is for,we recommend you to cancel and wait what course the market will take,if you can not be on your platform and respond to the situation.

In conclusion,it is better to avoid macroeconomical news.It is tempting,because you can earn a lot of money in short time,but in most of the cases is the exact opposite.


For our trading views we give you our defined target{profit we would like to achieve} and SL{maximal loss ,that we are willing to except}.You may notice that in the table of trading views can appear that for example by the trading view which had originally 16pips and it failed,would be in result minus 6pips.That is because,we follow certain rules even with managing position and we respond to the situations ,which occure on the market.Unfortunatelly for this kind of decisions a trader needs to have some experience and technice and that is why we share a simplified form,which could help you to improve your results. That rule is very simple, if the market makes 75% of our planned profit, so I will not let this trade go to the losses, ie,if it starts to go back to our entry, we will close our position with small profit or with small loss(spread size ) and not let that put full loss.

The same applies for the second case.The marjet fill us, but goes straight against us.In the case when the market makes 75% of our planned SL (stoploss),we can start thinking of closing this position on our entry or on small loss.
Everything again needs considerable experience in merchant and discretionary decision making, this tool is only indicative, in our decision plays the role of multiple factors and techniques, but also that you can help a lot.


On EURUSD we have entry on the value of 1.1178 long (buy) .Target we have given to 10 pips and SL 10.The market comes to our level, filled us an order, we are therefore in position.The market moves upward to the level of 1.1185. now the market has already fulfilled 75% of our target, therefore, we will move stoploss on our entry and we will watch the market and close the position if the market will return against us, on a small profit or break even(our entry level).So we will avoid unnecessary losses.

Money management-position sizing

To enable any business to function it must have the correct management. Management, how we use it, consists of five functions: planning, organizing, delegating, managing and controlling.

The goal of money management is to maximize profits and maximum risk reduction, which allows the trader to take part and be able to be traded next major market move.

Let's now look at how to determine a great position for the business and how much to risk.

Minilots size =

Account size * % of risk Stop loss in pips


On our website you can find the signal, which is defined by these values of 1.1230, target 1.1245 and stop loss 1.1215.

In the above formula can substitute instead of account size of our current account balance (assuming that we have a large account 2000 USD) that we have by our broker. Percentage of capital risk recommend 2% of our account (in the formula substitute 0.02) and substitute stoplos 15 (this value come when you take our input value and subtract it from us stoploss defined. The formula should look for this trade as follows:

Minilots size =

2 000 * 0.02 15


Minilots size = 2.6 = 0,26 mini lots

For this trade, we can take the position size of 0.26 lots, by risking 15 pips (ie 0.02% of the total account, this means $ 40 for whole trade, or even 2.6 USD per pip).

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