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About Forex

What is Forex?

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the most liquid and largest financial market in the world, where the currencies are traded. To open or close a position you need less than a few seconds. Currencies are traded there in amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars. Thanks to this fact the Forex markets highly overcomes stock markets and bond markets. Forex is also a global network that is linked to the most modern means of communication. It is a system that connects banks, insurance companies, and investment funds, together with brokerage companies that associate specific investors. The common element is the use of the mechanisms that allow us to evaluate investments based on the movements of the subject Forex trade by currency. A Forex trader is the one who aims to capitalize on the movement of specific currencies or exchange rates between them.

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The project Forcashex has been founded in order to create community of traders and investors, who have just started with trading or have been operating on the market for some time, but they are still not able to be profitable.

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A few interesting facts about Forex

Forex market is opened 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It opens Sunday evening and closes Friday at night.

New York, London and Tokyo are the three largest centres of world currency. For example London implements 30 to 40% of all currency transactions.

Commercial banks, central banks, brokers, hedge funds, large corporations are among the main players on the Forex.

The US dollar is the most popular currency which makes up nearly 90% of all trades on the Forex. EUR / USD is the most traded currency pair.


PROFIT TARGET - it stands for profit-target. Profit-target is the price at which we decide to close our open positions at a profit.

STOP-LOSS - it predefined extreme limit at which we debit voluntarily us a defined loss.

BREAK EVEN - if the market is not going well or not according to our conception, we close the position at the baseline, where it will avoid possible loss.

PIP-IS - basic value of every currency on the chart. Calculator HERE.

SWING POSITION - this term is used when opening a position which we plan to hold longer than a day. Typically, there is larger PT and SL.

SWING - The swings in the chart are among the fundamental elements of technical analysis. Basically it is a place where the market changed direction and created a so-called tip or spike possibly some kind of curl. The swings in the trend then create a series of consecutive spur on both the up and down the side. If the market forms a higher swing low and higher swing high, we have in a market uptrend. If the market consisting of a lower swing low and lower swing high, we have downtrend. Thanks to this, we can then easily define the trend in the graph. Sample here

INTRADAY POSITION – positions opened and closed the same day with minor PT and SL.

SPREAD - in financial spread represents the difference between buying and selling price of the financial instrument.

LONG - this term is used when a trader going to buy the instrument

SHORT - this term is used when a trader preparing to sell such instrument